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Welcome to the blog: Liz's Way of Life

My name is Liz. But you probably guessed that already. This blog is my little corner of the world. This is the place where I share my thoughts and feelings.

All About Me!

There is really not a whole lot to tell about me. I am actually a pretty boring person. I get up, go to work, come home, and go to bed. That is basically my life.

I am a teacher, a musician, and a bit of a baker. I love helping others. Being able to serve someone in need really makes me feel so good inside. I love to write... hence the blog. I am a daughter, a friend, and a sister to one absolutely crazy puppy.

I am an extremely introverted person. I find that I do not say much in large crowds, and would prefer to stay in than go out. I can only really share things with people that I feel comfortable with, and that takes a really long time.

There is one thing that I feel makes me special. I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. In Short, I am a Mormon. I love it. I love the gospel so much. I am so grateful for our Lord and Saviour and everything that he has done for us. The gospel is such a huge part of my life and I would not trade it for anything.

Being a member of the church, and an introvert are two things that do not really go together. Members are often expected to be outgoing. How else are we supposed to help others feel welcome or put ourselves out there to do service? But this is something that I find really find difficult, which makes me feel like a bit of an outcast, but I'm ok with that. No one's perfect.

I hope you all enjoy getting to know a little bit about me as I work towards improving myself and gaining new skills, and as I take on new adventures.

All About the Blog!

So how did Liz's Way of Life even get started? Well, that is an interesting story. I have always loved to write. I have just never had the confidence to actually write. One day, I was talking with a friend about jobs and I explained that I was bored and wasn't feeling challenged enough at work. After more of a discussion, he stated that I should write a book. Now, for the amount of times I have thought of that, you think it would be done already. But it's not. He was so supportive and showed so much faith in me. Something I have not experienced in a while. So I started to think about it a lot.

Upon deliberation I realized that at this point in my life, I do not have the time, patience, resources, or energy to write a book. However, I really wanted to make writing part of my life again and blogging seemed like the more appropriate solution. I also love writing in a more casual format, and I feel that a blog gives me more of that opportunity.

Throughout my life, I have done a really good job of convincing myself that no one wants to hear my opinions or cares about what I have to say. It has just been within the past little while that I have begun to find a voice for myself. I am hoping that by writing this blog, I will become more comfortable with sharing my opinions, and maybe taking more risks.

Who knows if anyone will actually read this, but I just want to experience the joy of writing it.

I hope you all enjoy this blog as much as I do writing it!!! :)

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